FAMILY ADVOCACY FELLOWSHIP educates parents and grandparents about the state of public education, the performance of our schools, and the school choices available. This knowledge empowers Fellowship graduates to use their voices to demand a high quality education for their children.

Since December 2016, almost 300 public school parents have graduated from the fellowship.

REACH OUTREACH TEAM organizes and mobilizes. We hit the streets connecting with parents in our most underserved communities, with children attending our lowest performing schools.

We build relationships with our parents by inviting them to learn more about how to become better advocates for their children. Parents are invited to apply for our family advocacy fellowship, and we also offer a learning series and informative community meetings. We also bring together hundreds of parents to attend School Board meetings so our voices are heard in a productive, organized, and powerful way.

SCHOOL ENROLLMENT SUPPORT guides parents and guardians through the process of choosing the best school for their children.

We know that this process can be demanding of our parents’ time and energy, but finding a high quality school for our children is a priority. Most of our team of parent advocates are parents and grandparents who have also gone through this process themselves.

Once a parent joins the program, they are matched with a parent advocate, who will work with them personally throughout the year.


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