Oakland’s education system was in crisis long before COVID-19—less than 30% of Black and Brown Oakland public school students were reading on grade level. Parents are done waiting—and we are now more activated than ever before, demanding effective learning that breaks with a long history of miseducation.

The Oakland REACH listened and launched our biggest, boldest initiative yet—our Virtual Family Hub—in June 2020. The Hub is the potent mix of programming that actually increases educational outcomes for our students and lifts up whole families.

We center the work around 5 components:

High-quality academic instruction, social/emotional enrichment, community support, tech training, and economic development.

Our philosophy is to make sure families get the best, so they start expecting the best. And it works—our Hub has doubled enrollment since the Summer. The demand continues to increase and we are expanding the Hub within Oakland Unified School District to reach even more students. And we are ready to replicate the Hub across the state and country. Growing the Hub means giving the power and agency back to low-income families to have the biggest voice in their child’s education. This is how we break the cycle of generational poverty.

Download our Hub one-pager.

Collaborators: Oakland Unified School District // The Oakland Literacy Coalition // CARES for Learning // Disability Rights Education &  Defense Fund // The City of Oakland // The Oakland Ed Fund

Academic + Enrichment Partners: Reconstruction // Outschool // The Black Literary Collective // Homies Empowerment // Lawrence Hall of Science // Frohm’s Martial Arts

Tech Partners: Sydewayz Cafe // Oakland Undivided // Tech Exchange