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  • REACH Relief for the Holidays

    When COVID19 hit, we knew our families — the families of The Oakland REACH — would be some of the very hardest hit. That’s why we moved within days of the city’s stay-at-home order to launch The REACH Relief Fund and raise money to help keep our families in their homes and with food on the table. And because of our incredible supporters, we were able to get funding to almost every applicant – distributing $325,000 to over 1,000 families. 

    At the time, we thought we were through the worst of the crisis. But here we are, months later, and so many of our families are still struggling. 

    This year, perhaps more than ever, our families really just need to catch a break and have a good holiday. That’s why we are bringing the fund back this month: REACH Relief for the Holidays. We don’t want our families to have to worry about making good meals and paying rent this month — and more than that, we want them to be able to make it special with gifts for their kids. 

    But we can’t do it without you: Will you consider donating what you can to support our Holiday REACH Relief Fund?

    Funds will go directly to our families who need it most, and give them the break that’s long-overdue in this unending year.

    In the first three days of the fund, we’ve already raised $10,000 – let’s keep it going so we can reach even more families!

    Thank you for having our backs.

    In community, 
    The Oakland REACH