Carmen Beltran

Bilingual Community Organizer / Se Habla Espanol

My Story

I am a mother of two. I always encourage my children and tell them the importance of getting an education because education opens and allows them to access many opportunities. For my family and me getting a quality education is not an option. It is a priority. I studied at a university for years, and because I wasn’t able to complete the documentation, all that hard work was lost. Now I am working on starting my education over, and I love what education can do for me. I also know that having an education is the only option to guarantee my children’s future. 

I joined the Oakland REACH because I know it takes hard work to study, and growth is the key to progress. I feel everyone deserves the right to an excellent education, especially those who require special services. I do this work because kids should have the right to an education, just like having the right to vote and campaign for laws that favor growth and improvement, and I want all children to receive a high-quality education. 


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