The Oakland REACH is a parent-run, parent-led group committed to empowering families from our most underserved communities to demand high-quality schools for our children.

We are waking parents up!  We are letting them know their kids aren’t getting the education they deserve to be ready for the future.  But, by coming together they have the power to create change. The Oakland REACH has already engaged over 4,000 parents by hosting one-on-one conversations about how schools are doing. We have also had almost 300 parents go through our Oakland Family Advocacy Fellowship, providing the leadership training needed to change a system that has left students behind for far too long.

We will keep fighting until every parent in Oakland who wants to put their child in a quality school—and on a pathway to college—has that opportunity.

Together, we are pulling a seat up to the table to disrupt systematic education inequities in Oakland public schools and hold our leaders accountable.

Together, we are powerful!

(And P.S. we’ve made it VERY clear to Oakland leaders that we ain’t going nowhere!)